Student Rules & Regulations

Conformance to the following rules and regulations is essential to the efficient operation of the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy. All students will familiarize themselves with their content and be held responsible for compliance.

COVID Restrictions

Masks must be worn while in the Academy and all students must exercise social distancing. 

Everyone will also be screened and must compete the Academy Screening Form.  


Any accident occurring on the Academy’s premises must be reported to the administrative office immediately and the proper accident report forms completed.

Dress Code

Proper dress for all students is either a department uniform or a collared shirt and dress slacks. Additionally, female officers may wear a skirt or dress. No jeans, shorts, halter tops, sweat clothes, tee shirts or flip-flops are permitted. Dress may be modified by request of the instructor.


Students who do not wear department uniform are asked to exercise discretion in the display of weapons.


Smoking in the interior of the Academy is prohibited.


All individuals attending classes, seminars, etc. are to park in the general parking area only.


  1. The use of intoxicants, as well as the illegal use of any drug or substance, is strictly prohibited on Academy property. Reporting to the Academy after having used either will be construed as being used during training hours and will result in automatic dismissal.
  2. Students may not receive personal phone calls on Academy phones except in emergency situations. Public phones are available.
  3. Students are not to stand or sit with their feet against the walls, on tables or chairs, or mark, alter or damage any Academy property.
  4. Do not, in any way, interfere with the conduct of the Basic Class or any other classes that might be in session. If standing in the corridor, give way so that the basic class can march to and from class without interference. Proper decorum should be exercised at all times.
  5. The administrative office should not be entered unless required to do so on official business.
  6. Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Soda cans, coffee cups, newspapers, etc., are to be placed in the proper receptacles provided for regular trash or recyclables.
  7. All students should take note of the EXIT signs located throughout the building. In the event of an emergency, quickly and calmly exit the building at the location closest to your activity.
  8. The emergency doors, located in each classroom of the new wing, are to be used for emergency evacuation only.
  9. All messages, that are not considered emergencies, will be placed on the message center located outside the administrative office. Emergency messages will be delivered immediately.
  10. Pagers and cell phones should be turned off or switched to silent alert while classes are in session.
  11. Food and/or beverages ARE NOT permitted in ANY room at the Academy.