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Aging, Disabilities & Community Programming

  • Telephone973-285-6848
  • Alternate Phone800-564-4656

We provide information, referrals and direct client assistance for older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans and caregivers. Technical assistance and public speakers are available for local organizations.

Board of County Commissioners

  • Telephone973-285-6010

We serve as the governing body of the county. The Board has seven members elected for three-year terms.

Board of Elections

We administer voter registration and updates, party affiliation changes, challenger applications, and other services related to elections in Morris County.

Board of Taxation

  • Telephone973-285-6707

We maintain all county records of taxable real estate, set tax rates and equalization ratios, supervise municipal tax assessors, review assessments, and rule on appeals.

Buildings and Grounds

  • Telephone(973) 285-6340

We provide maintenance for county buildings and grounds, and oversees building contracts.

Clerk of the Board

  • Telephone(973) 285-6010

We are responsible for administrative and supervisory functions of the board of commissioners.

Communications and Digital Media

We write and distribute media releases, produce videos and other related media, manage all public-facing websites, the county’s intranet, and all social media channels.

Community & Behavioral Health Services

  • Telephone973-285-6868

We plan, develop, provide and monitor a coordinated, publicly funded human services delivery system focused on, but not limited to, services for at-risk youth, low-income families, and vulnerable individuals.

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