Aging, Disabilities & Community Programming

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Stay cool and hydrated in the summer heat! If you're an older adult, follow these Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations.

  • Do: stay in air-conditioned buildings as much as possible (visit a cooling center if you need to), drink more water than usual, wear loose clothing, and take cool showers and baths.
  • Don't: wait until you're too thirsty to drink, use the stove or oven to cook, or do strenuous activities.

For more information, visit the CDC website.

We provide information, referrals and direct client assistance for older adults, persons with disabilities, veterans and caregivers.

Many of these services are provided by our office, State and County Agencies, and in partnership with non-profit and community organizations.

The Morris County Board of County Commissioners, the Older Americans Act, and the State of New Jersey are responsible for much of the funding for these programs.

More Resources 

  • Technical assistance and public speakers are available for local organizations.
  • The Aging & Disability Resource Connection provides a “one-door” access to services that will help people age in place in New Jersey. View the state guide.
  • Call (800) 564-4656 or (877) 222-3737 to get information on a variety of services for individuals and caregivers designed to foster the independence and dignity of Morris County citizens in need of assistance. 
  • Download and print our Resource Directory.