Special Projects/Long Range Planning

The Special Projects/Long Range Planning Section of the Office of Planning and Preservation (OPP) provides research/data collection, analysis, plan/report development and other technical assistance as staff to the Morris County Planning Board (MCPB). The Section also provides research and technical assistance to various other County Departments, Divisions, affiliated bodies and the Board of County Commissioners.

Major activities include, but are not limited to: 

Morris County Master Plan

Under the guidance of the Morris County Planning Board, staff assists in the preparation of the Morris County Master Plan, which includes various elements. Recent activities include completion of the Morris County Master Plan Circulation (2018) and Land Use Element (2020) and update of the Farmland Preservation Plan Element (2022).


Wastewater Management Plan

Consistent with the revised NJDEP Water Quality Management Rules (N.J.A.C. 7:15-5.4), staff, in coordination with the NJDEP and participating municipalities, is responsible for development of the County of Morris Wastewater Management Plan.


Data and Statistics

Staff collects, analyzes and publishes various Census, Department of Labor and Workforce Development and other related data and statistics for the MCPB and other County departments and also publishes this data on the OPP website for public use.  Staff is responsible for assisting the U.S. Census Bureau and compiles data on housing trends, affordable housing and related issues, creating associated reports and other materials.


Flood Mitigation Program /Watershed and Water Quality Activities

Staff manages the Morris County Flood Mitigation Program, serves as liaison between NJDEP, watershed stakeholders and MCPB and participates in related water quality activities .Examples include: coordination of the Whippany River Watershed Action Committee Bio-retention Pilot Project to reduce pollutant loading to the Whippany River and Lincoln Park Post Acquisition Restoration Project which is looking to develop plans for passive recreation and floodplain storage for areas once floodplain acquisition is complete.

Municipal Zoning Reports and Master Plan Summaries

Staff receives and files local ordinances and master plans in accordance with state law and prepares monthly summaries of municipal master plans and zoning ordinances received by the MCPB and publishes this data on the OPP website.


Legislative Review and Monitoring

Staff monitors proposed planning and preservation-related legislation and provides legislative updates to the MCPB, Board of County Commissioners, and Morris County Economic Development Corporation/Chamber of Commerce. A monthly report of tracked legislation is provided to the MCPB and published on the OPP website.

State and Regional Planning

Staff monitors various state agencies proposals, rules and programs associated with the N.J. State Planning Commission, N.J. Highlands Council, the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection and others, interact with these agencies as needed.

Other Support

Staff assists with various farmland, open space, historic preservation and other OPP programs and activities.