2009 Interim Plan

The plan consists of a cover sheet(PDF, 22KB), completed Application Form*(PDF, 617KB), chapters for each of the 39 municipalities, and sewage treatment plant facilities(PDF, 81KB) information. (For the Highlands Planning Area Conforming municipalities, the Highlands Council will be working with them to create their chapters and maps. Once completed, these chapters will be included in the Draft Wastewater Management Plan.)

* The links included in this form are out-of-date. However in order to maintain the integrity of the original submission we can not update the form. For the current forms please see: http://www.nj.gov/dep/wqmp/applications.html

Each municipal narrative includes a description of the municipality and its infrastructure, an existing zoning build-out analysis, a capacity analysis of each sewage treatment facility, septic capacity analysis by subwatershed (HUC 14), build-out/capacity analyses (surplus/deficit), and three maps.

Maps: 2M-Existing facilities and served properties; 3M-Future Wastewater Service Areas; 4M-General Zoning.

Boonton 2M  
Boonton 3M  
Boonton 4M
Boonton Twp
Boonton Twp 2M  
Boonton Twp 3M  
Boonton Twp 4M
Butler 2M  
Butler 3M  
Butler 4M 
Chatham Boro
Chatham Boro 2M  
Chatham Boro 3M  
Chatham Boro 4M
Chatham Twp
Chatham Twp 2M  
Chatham Twp 3M  
Chatham Twp 4M
Chester Boro
Chester Boro 2M  
Chester Boro 3M  
Chester Boro 4M
Chester Twp
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
Denville 2M  
Denville 3M  
Denville 4M
Dover 2M  
Dover 3M  
Dover 4M
East Hanover
East Hanover 2M  
East Hanover 3M  
East Hanover 4M
Florham Park
(Under NJDEP direct review)
Hanover 2M  
Hanover 3M  
Hanover 4M
Harding 2M  
Harding 3M  
Harding 4M
Jefferson 2M  
Jefferson 4M
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
Lincoln Park
Lincoln Park 2M  
Lincoln Park 3M  
Lincoln Park 4M
Long Hill Twp
Long Hill Twp 2M  
Long Hill Twp 3M  
Long Hill Twp 4M
Madison 2M  
Madison 3M  
Madison 4M
Mendham Boro
Mendham Boro 2M  
Mendham Boro 3M  
Mendham Boro 4M 
Mendham Twp
Mendham Twp 2M  
Mendham Twp 3M  
Mendham Twp 4M
Mine Hill
Mine Hill 2M  
Mine Hill 3M  
Mine Hill 4M
Montville 2M  
Montville 3M  
Montville 4M
Morris Plains
Morris Plains 2M  
Morris Plains 3M  
Morris Plains 4M
Morris Twp
Morris Twp 2M  
Morris Twp 3M 
Morris Twp 4M
Morristown 2M  
Morristown 3M  
Morristown 4M
Mt. Arlington
Mt. Arlington 2M  
Mt. Arlington 3M  
Mt. Arlington 4M
Mount Olive
Mount Olive 2M  
Mount Olive 3M  
Mount Olive 4M
Mountain Lakes
Mountain Lakes 2M  
Mountain Lakes 3M  
Mountain Lakes 4M
Netcong 2M  
Netcong 3M  
Netcong 4M
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
Pequannock 2M  
Pequannock 3M  
Pequannock 4M
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
Riverdale 2M  
Riverdale 3M  
Riverdale 4M
Rockaway Boro
Rockaway Boro 2M  
Rockaway Boro 3M  
Rockaway Boro 4M
Rockaway Twp
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
Roxbury 2M  
Roxbury 3M  
Roxbury 4M
Victory Gardens
Victory Gardens 2M  
Victory Gardens 3M  
Victory Gardens 4M
Washington Twp
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality)
(Highlands Planning Area
Conforming Municipality

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