The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is divided into four divisions and each of the divisions is further broken down into units and functions. The four divisions and their respective units and functions are:

Courts & Administration Division which includes:

  • Administration & Policy Development Unit
  • Animal Welfare & Animal Cruelty Unit
  • Appellate Unit
  • Civil Discoveries Function
  • Evidence Function
  • Expungement/Name Changes Function
  • Finance Unit
  • Firearms Unit
  • Drug Court Function
  • General Investigations Unit
  • Humane Law Enforcement
  • Intake Unit
  • Pre-Trial Services Unit
  • Public Information Function
  • Support Services Unit including Network Administration Function
  • Training Unit

Special Operations Division which includes:

  • Asset Forfeiture Unit
  • Fugitive Unit
  • High Tech Crimes Unit
  • Intelligence Unit/Homeland Security Unit
  • Insurance Fraud Unit/Financial Crimes Unit
  • Rapid Deployment Team Function
  • Special Enforcement Unit including Tactical Team Function

Tactical Division which includes:

  • Major Crimes Unit including Vehicular Homicide, Cold Case and Crisis Negotiations Functions
  • Sex Crimes/Child Endangerment Unit including Sexual Assault Response Team (SART)/Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SART) Function
  • Specialized Services Unit
  • Megan’s Law Unit

Specialized Crimes Division which includes:

  • Arson/Environmental Unit
  • Bias Crimes Unit
  • Community Outreach & Recruitment
  • Domestic Violence Unit
  • Insurance Fraud/Financial Crimes Unit including C.A.R.E. Function
  • Juvenile Unit/Missing Persons Unit
  • Open Public Records Act Function (OPRA)
  • Professional Standards Unit
  • Victim/Witness Unit
  • Weapons Return Unit