NJDEP Highway Agency Guidance Manual

Cover Pages and Table of Contents(PDF, 570KB)

Chapter 1(PDF, 579KB)

Chapter 2(PDF, 2MB)
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and Example Forms

Chapter 3(PDF, 124KB)
Public Notice

Chapter 4(PDF, 2MB)
Post-Construction Stormwater Management in New Development and Redevelopment

Chapter 5(PDF, 656KB)
Local Public Education

Chapter 6(PDF, 2MB)
Improper Disposal of Waste

Chapter 7(PDF, 1MB)
Solids and Floatables

Chapter 8(PDF, 677KB)
Maintenance Yard Operations

Chapter 9(PDF, 153KB)
Employee Training

Chapter 10(PDF, 93KB)
Additional Measures

Chapter 11(PDF, 221KB)
Optional Measures

Chapter 12(PDF, 159KB)
Annual Report and Certification, and Blank Forms

Chapter 13(PDF, 156KB)
Industrial and Construction Activity Operated by the Highway Agency

Chapter 14(PDF, 660KB)
Important Names. Addresses and Contacts