Information for Beekeepers

Are you a beekeeper, or interested in becoming a beekeeper? Learn more about beekeeping in Morris County: 

How do I know when you are spraying near my bees?

The New Jersey Pesticide Control Regulations, require that beekeepers are notified when pesticides that labeled as hazardous to bees are applied within 3 miles of a registered beeyard. The notification is mandatory for the pesticide applicator. It is the responsibility of the beekeeper to register the locations. 

Not all pesticide applications require notification.

I want to register to be a beekeeper.

Complete the Beekeeper Registration Form by March 1. 

Do I need to renew?

Renewal is required each year. You will be notified yearly to keep hives registered. Visit the state's beekeeping website.

How will I be notified of spray activities?

Beekeepers will be notified by email. Notifications are made 24 hours in advance of a spray, unless there is an emergency spray.

I have questions about the registration process.

Call the NJ Department of Agriculture at 609-406-6939.