Municipal Surveys

This page lists all available Morris County municipal surveys.

Note: The Cultural Resources Inventory application is currently under construction. 

Boonton seal

Boonton Town, Est. 1867
“Per Industria Prosperamus” (“Prosperity Through Industry”)

Boonton Survey(PDF, 110KB)

Boonton Township seal

Boonton Township, Est. April 11, 1867
“From the Waters of the Rockaway to the Peak of the Tourne”

Boonton Township Survey(PDF, 48KB)

Butler seal

Butler, Est. 1901
“Porta ad Lacus” (“Gateway to the Lakes”)

Butler Survey(PDF, 44KB)

Denville seal

Denville, Est. 1913
“The Hub of Morris County”

Denville Survey(PDF, 48KB)

Kinnelon seal

Kinnelon, Est. 1922
“Where the Future is Enriched by the Past”

Kinnelon Survey(PDF, 34KB) 

Lincoln Park seal

Lincoln Park, Est. 1922

Lincoln Park Survey(PDF, 32KB)

Mine Hill seal

Mine Hill, Est. 1923

Mine Hill Survey(PDF, 45KB)

Mountain Lakes seal

Mountain Lakes, Est. 1924

Mountain Lakes Survey(PDF, 36KB) 

Pequannock seal

Pequannock, Est. 1740
“Pax In Virtute” (“Peace in Virtue”)

Pequannock Survey(PDF, 45KB)

Riverdale seal

Riverdale, Est. 1923
“Progress With a Purpose”

Riverdale Survey(PDF, 28KB)

Rockaway Borough seal

Rockaway Borough, Est. 1894

Rockaway Borough Survey(PDF, 39KB)

Rockaway Township logo

Rockaway Township, Est. 1844
“Forging America’s Freedom – Morris County’s Iron Spirit”

Rockaway Township Survey(PDF, 28KB)

Victory Gardens logo

Victory Gardens, Est. 1951
“From World War II and Beyond”

Victory Gardens Survey(PDF, 30KB)

Wharton logo

Wharton, Est. June 28, 1895
“Tradition With Progress”

Wharton Survey(PDF, 38KB)