Historic Maps

Enjoy this collection of historic maps from Morris County towns! All maps are dated 1868.

Boonton Town, Est. 1867

Boonton seal

“Per Industria Prosperamus” (“Prosperity Through Industry”)

Boonton Township, Est. April 11, 1867

Boonton Township seal

“From the Waters of the Rockaway to the Peak of the Tourne”

Chatham Borough, Est. 1897

Chatham Borough seal

“Benigno Numine” (“With Benign Power”)

Chatham Township, Est. February 15, 1806

Chatham Township seal

Chester Borough, Est. 1930

Chester Borough seal

Chester Township, Est. 1753

Chester Township seal

Dover, Est. 1722

Dover seal

East Hanover, Est. 1928

East Hanover seal

“Pro Bono Publico” (“For the Public Good”)

Hanover Township, Est. 1676

Hanover Township seal

Jefferson Township, Est. 1804

Jefferson Township seal

“Year Round Recreation Capitol of New Jersey”

Long Hill, Est. 1866

Long Hill seal

Madison, Est. December 24, 1889

Madison seal

“The Rose City”

Mendham Borough, Est. 1906

Mendham Borough seal

Mendham Township, Est. 1749

Mendham Township seal

Montville/Pine Brook/Towaco, Est. 1867

Montville/Pine Brook/Towaco seal

Morris Township, Est. March 25, 1740

Morris Township seal

Morristown, Est. April 6, 1865

Morristown seal

“History Still in the Making”

Pequannock, Est. 1740

Pequannock seal

“Pax In Virtute” (“Peace in Virtue”)

Randolph, Est. 1805

Randolph seal

“Where Life is Worth Living”

Rockaway Borough, Est. 1894

Rockaway Borough seal

Rockaway Township, Est. 1844

Rockaway Township seal

“Forging America’s Freedom – Morris County’s Iron Spirit”

Roxbury Township, Est. 1740

Roxbury seal