Funded Sites

This year, 2022, is the 20th anniversary of the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund program. We want to celebrate this occasion by illustrating all the historic sites that have received grant funding with a StoryMap. View the Storyap here: Morris County Historic Preservation Funded Sites

As you navigate through the historic sites in the StoryMap…

  • Click on the individual site photos to see more details, including where available, a video clip for the site which can be watched on Youtube with captions for better accessibility.
  • The map is interactive to allow direct navigation to the sites.
  • Click the “X” to exit the individual site and return to navigating the sites.
  • Press “Ctrl-F” to search for a site using its name, municipal name, or keyword. For mobile devices, use the browser to search for words on this page.

Funded Sites By Year

Preservation Planning Documents

Preservation planning documents for historic properties provide a means of documenting original construction, alterations and owners, identifying current conditions, and making prioritized recommendations for future work. A preservation planning document, such as a Preservation Plan, Historic Structures Report, Historic Landscape Report, Conservation Assessment must be completed prior to requesting funding for the preparation of Construction Document or for Construction. All preservation planning documents for County-funded sites can be accessed at Preservation Planning Documents.

Detailed Information

Follow the project name links to view a funding summary page for each site. Where available, “PP” links will connect to the latest Preservation Planning document (Preservation Plan, Historic Structure Report, Conditions Assessment, etc.) available for each site. All Preservation Planning documents for program sites are accessible from the Preservation Planning Documents section above.

  1. Boonton Town – Boonton Civil War Memorial(PDF, 230KB). PP
  2. Boonton Town – Boonton Holmes Public Library(PDF, 225KB). PP
  3. Boonton Town – Boonton Ironworks(PDF, 194KB)
  4. Boonton Town – Boonton Train Trestle(PDF, 181KB). PP
  5. Boonton Town – Darress Theatre(PDF, 189KB)
  6. Boonton Town – Dr. John Taylor House(PDF, 181KB).
  7. Boonton Town – First Presbyterian Church of Boonton(PDF, 190KB). PP
  8. Boonton Town – Boonton Main Street Historic District(PDF, 168KB).
  9. Boonton Town – St. John’s Episcopal Church(PDF, 183KB).
  10. Boonton Town – Stone Arch Bridge(PDF, 236KB). PP
  11. Boonton Township – Oscar A. Kincaid Home of History(PDF, 236KB). PP
  12. Butler Borough – Butler Railroad Station(PDF, 243KB). PP
  13. Chatham Township – Mount Vernon School(PDF, 229KB). PP
  14. Chester Borough – Chester's Rockefeller Center(PDF, 180KB). PP
  15. Chester Borough – Community Presbyterian Church(PDF, 228KB)
  16. Chester Township – Bamboo Brook(PDF, 257KB)
  17. Denville Township  – Ayres Farm Garage(PDF, 203KB). PP
  18. Denville Township – Ayres Farm House(PDF, 273KB). PP
  19. Denville Township – Ayres Farm Tenant House(PDF, 171KB). PP
  20. Dover Town – Arthur W. Condict House(PDF, 171KB). PP
  21. Dover Town – First Memorial Presbyterian Church(PDF, 201KB). PP
  22. East Hanover Township – Cook House(PDF, 228KB). PP
  23. East Hanover Township – First Presbyterian Church of Hanover(PDF, 182KB). PP
  24. Florham Park Borough – Hancock Cemetery(PDF, 219KB). PP
  25. Florham Park Borough – Little Red Schoolhouse(PDF, 204KB). PP
  26. Hanover Township – Samuel Tuttle House(PDF, 192KB). PP
  27. Hanover Township – Steam Locomotive 4039(PDF, 210KB)
  28. Hanover Township – Whippany Burying Yard(PDF, 254KB). PP
  29. Harding Township – First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon(PDF, 243KB). PP
  30. Harding Township – Glen Alpin(PDF, 205KB). PP
  31. Harding Township – Tunis-Ellicks House(PDF, 208KB). PP
  32. Kinnelon Borough – L’Ecole Kinnelon Museum(PDF, 264KB). PP
  33. Long Hill Township – Millington Schoolhouse(PDF, 207KB). PP
  34. Madison Borough – Ahrens Fox P4 Fire Truck(PDF, 235KB)
  35. Madison Borough – Hartley Dodge Memorial(PDF, 188KB). PP
  36. Madison Borough – Madison Masonic Lodge(PDF, 265KB). PP
  37. Madison Borough – Mead Hall(PDF, 246KB). PP
  38. Madison Borough – Museum of Early Trades & Crafts(PDF, 177KB). PP
  39. Madison Borough – United Methodist Church in Madison(PDF, 164KB). PP
  40. Madison Borough – Webb Memorial Chapel(PDF, 199KB). PP
  41. Mendham Borough –  Phoenix House(PDF, 227KB). PP
  42. Mendham Borough – Mendham Historic District(PDF, 196KB)
  43. Mendham Borough – Scott Farm Barn(PDF, 196KB). PP
  44. Mendham Borough – St. Mark’s Episcopal Church(PDF, 236KB). PP
  45. Mendham Township – Community of St. John Baptist(PDF, 261KB). PP
  46. Mendham Township – Ralston Cider Mill(PDF, 231KB). PP
  47. Mine Hill Township – Bridget Smith House(PDF, 213KB). PP
  48. Montville Township – Hendrik Doremus House(PDF, 221KB)
  49. Montville Township – Montville Schoolhouse No. 10(PDF, 203KB)
  50. Montville Township – Nicholas Vreeland Out Kitchen(PDF, 225KB)
  51. Montville Township – Montville Township Morris Canal(PDF, 201KB). PP
  52. Morris Township – Fosterfields Barnyard Complex(PDF, 199KB). PP
  53. Morris Township – Kountze Mansion(PDF, 215KB). PP
  54. Morris Township – Morris Museum(PDF, 188KB). PP
  55. Morris Township – Morristown Unitarian Fellowship(PDF, 178KB). PP
  56. Morris Township – Washington Valley Schoolhouse(PDF, 286KB). PP
  57. Morris Township – Willows at Fosterfields(PDF, 222KB). PP
  58. Morristown Town – Acorn Hall(PDF, 255KB). PP
  59. Morristown Town – Acorn Hall Carriage House(PDF, 229KB)
  60. Morristown Town – Church of the Assumption(PDF, 273KB). PP
  61. Morristown Town – Church of the Redeemer(PDF, 181KB). PP
  62. Morristown Town – Historic Speedwell Waterwheel(PDF, 231KB). PP
  63. Morristown Town – Lindenwold(PDF, 212KB). PP
  64. Morristown Town – Loyola Gate House(PDF, 236KB). PP
  65. Morristown Town – Macculloch Hall(PDF, 194KB). PP
  66. Morristown Town – MNHP Museum Auditorium(PDF, 204KB)
  67. Morristown Town – Morristown & Morris Twp. Library(PDF, 236KB). PP
  68. Morristown Town – Morristown Community Theater(PDF, 205KB). PP
  69. Morristown Town – Morristown Post Office(PDF, 218KB)
  70. Morristown Town – Moses Estey House(PDF, 263KB). PP
  71. Morristown Town – Mount Kemble Home(PDF, 211KB). PP
  72. Morristown Town – Parish House(PDF, 215KB)
  73. Morristown Town – Presbyterian Church in Morristown(PDF, 204KB). PP
  74. Morristown Town – Schuyler-Hamilton House(PDF, 227KB). PP
  75. Morristown Town – South Street Presbyterian Church(PDF, 163KB)
  76. Morristown Town – St. Peter’s Episcopal Church(PDF, 183KB). PP
  77. Morristown Town – Willow Hall(PDF, 810KB). PP
  78. Morristown Town – Woman’s Club of Morristown(PDF, 394KB). PP
  79. Mount Arlington Borough – Former Borough Hall(PDF, 213KB)
  80. Mount Olive Township – Flanders United Methodist Church(PDF, 189KB). PP
  81. Mount Olive Township – Former Baptist Church(PDF, 249KB)
  82. Mount Olive Township – Seward House(PDF, 205KB). PP
  83. Mount Olive Township – Stephens Homestead(PDF, 208KB). PP
  84. Mount Olive Township – Waterloo Village(PDF, 259KB). PP
  85. Mountain Lakes Borough – Community Church of Mountain Lakes(PDF, 215KB). PP
  86. Mountain Lakes Borough – St. Peter’s Mountain Lakes(PDF, 255KB). PP
  87. Mountain Lakes Borough – Lake Drive School(PDF, 206KB). PP
  88. Mountain Lakes Borough – Mountain Lakes Train Station(PDF, 227KB). PP
  89. Netcong Borough – Growing Stage(PDF, 316KB). PP
  90. Netcong Borough – Stanhope United Methodist Church(PDF, 214KB). PP
  91. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Bowlsby-DeGelleke House(PDF, 240KB)
  92. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Craftsman Farms(PDF, 246KB). PP
  93. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Craftsman Farms Administration Building(PDF, 226KB). PP
  94. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – J. Smith Richardson History House(PDF, 236KB). PP
  95. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Mount Tabor Historic District(PDF, 222KB). PP
  96. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Parsippany Presbyterian Church(PDF, 191KB). PP
  97. Parsippany-Troy Hills Township – Smith-Baldwin House(PDF, 210KB). PP
  98. Pequannock Township – First Reformed Church of Pompton Plains(PDF, 160KB). PP
  99. Pequannock Township – Giles Mandeville House(PDF, 203KB)
  100. Pequannock Township – Martin Berry House(PDF, 232KB). PP
  101. Pequannock Township – Pompton Plains Railroad Station(PDF, 315KB). PP
  102. Randolph Township – Friends Meeting House(PDF, 260KB). PP
  103. Riverdale Borough – Glenburn House(PDF, 152KB). PP
  104. Rockaway Borough – Fox’s Brook Culvert(PDF, 241KB). PP
  105. Rockaway Borough – Rockaway Borough Free Public Library(PDF, 218KB). PP
  106. Rockaway Township – Ford-Faesch House(PDF, 245KB). PP
  107. Rockaway Township – Hibernia Library(PDF, 199KB). PP
  108. Roxbury Township – First Presbyterian Church of Succasunna(PDF, 188KB). PP
  109. Roxbury Township – King Homestead Museum(PDF, 233KB). PP
  110. Roxbury Township – Lafayette School(PDF, 187KB). PP
  111. Roxbury Township – Lake Hopatcong Train Station(PDF, 237KB). PP
  112. Roxbury Township – Ledgewood Baptist Church(PDF, 212KB). PP
  113. Roxbury Township – Morris Canal Plane 1 East(PDF, 215KB)
  114. Roxbury Township – Morris Canal Plane 2 East(PDF, 243KB). PP
  115. Roxbury Township – Succasunna Historic District(PDF, 212KB)
  116. Roxbury Township – Hopatcong State Park Fountain(PDF, 235KB). PP
  117. Washington Township – Middle Valley Community Center(PDF, 214KB)
  118. Washington Township – Obadiah LaTourette Grist and Saw Mill(PDF, 211KB). PP
  119. Washington Township – Old Union Cemetery(PDF, 206KB). PP
  120. Washington Township – Union Church Ruin(PDF, 209KB)
  121. Washington Township – Union School House(PDF, 202KB). PP
  122. Washington Township – Zion Lutheran Church(PDF, 3MB). PP
  123. Wharton Borough – Morris Canal Lock 2 East(PDF, 241KB)PP