Financial Information

The County is required to adopt a budget and capital budget annually.

The day-to-day operations of the county are reflected in the county budget. The capital budget includes facilities and long-term investments.

The monthly line item budget reports are fluid and subject to change. They include every single line item in the budget and are published on a monthly basis. 


Additional Information

Monthly Line Item Budget Reports

Reports prior to March are not available. Reporting begins once the county budget is adopted, which typically takes place in March.









Rating Agencies

Morris County had its top-ranked Triple-A bond rating reaffirmed and it’s financial stability ranked as better than the federal government, with a stable financial outlook issued this month by Moody’s Investors Services, Inc., and Standard Poor’s, the nation’s two largest bond rating agencies.

Public Bids

The Morris County Online Bid System provides a range of opportunities for participating vendors and municipalities, as well as publicly available bid information for interested citizens.

Bill Lists

The Board of County Commissioners must take action to approve the bills to be paid at each meeting. Read Bill Lists